Design and Avant-garde elegance coexist in the new architecture space of Pepe Cabrera in Valencia with the more traditional side of his own way of working. Sculptures at the entrance recalling the square of the Denia building, and inside, clean and free spaces divided into two blocks and combined with hidden rooms in built-in closets.

Entrance of the new Pepe Cabrera architecture and design studio in Valencia.

Pepe Cabrera opens its new architecture studio in Valencia next to Tetuán Square, thus coexisting the sculptures of the square with those of the anteroom of the premises that also serve to display the product.

The already existing building located in Denia is now joined by these two premises next to the Tetuán Square in Valencia, where the Bancaixa Foundation is located. It is about two blocks, similar to the three cubes that make up the Denia building, also with different functionalities and content. This new studio thus follows the same already existing pattern, although with the own characteristics of the Valencia building, which is around 140 years old.

In the rehabilitation of the two spaces the classic essence has been preserved, putting in value the materials and the Valencian architecture, taking out the baked clay solid facing brick, the wooden beams and joists and respecting the revolts with the stripping of the old paintings that the premises have suffered.

Sculpture that we can find in the anteroom of the premises dedicated to offices. Author: Rafael Carrió.

From the studio in Denia we have been carried out works at the national level for more than twenty years, but especially in the capital of Turia and that is why the brothers Paula and Nacho Cabrera made the decision to open this new space that adds one more step of experience to their trajectory. The objective is none other than to offer greater proximity and customer service, as well as a plus of internationality to the Studio, since Valencia is the third capital of Spain, a city open to both the Mediterranean and Europe and the Capital of Design 2022.

In one space is the architecture and interior design studio, in which all the facilities are not visible, since some are hidden in a large closet.

The second premises is occupied by a furniture exhibition dedicated to the Italian firm Minotti, wher the producto breathes thanks to the intervention that has been carried out in the space.

The best brands of furniture, lighting, decoration or kitchens, among others, have always accompanied the touch of sensitivity and personality of Pepe Cabrera. In the new Valencia studio, one of the two premises is dedicated to the contemporary furniture brand Minotti. This elegant Italian firm has a showroom that has become a point of reference for the brand in the Spanish “Levante” region, since Pepe Cabrera is the exclusive representative of Minotti throughout the province.

The brand represents similar values to those of Pepe Cabrera, a fusion between tradition and innovation. The Italian brand is known for the finish of its work done with the precision and love of a craftsman, while using the most advanced technologies, designs and materials at our fingertips. The result, a simple, elegant, sophisticated and modern producto, as well as classic and clean. A piece of furniture with a soul that creates spaces with life.

The offices of the architecture studio combine both the workspace and the spirit of the firm Pepe Cabrera.

In another of the spaces are located the offices of Pepe Cabrera, a clean and open workplace in which a perfect networking environment is generated to surround yourself with great professionals in the sector. Combination of aesthetics and technique that are also a good sample of the creations that are offered to the client and that give a security value in the finishes.

This is Pepe Cabrera, a content that evolves within a continent that was designed to be able to generate these synergies. This is the spirit that Pepe Cabrera created with his wife Ana and that the Cabrera Gil family has inherited and in which they have put so much effort. Both Paula and Nacho Cabrera, both architects, have established Pepe Cabrera as one of the most complete architecture and interior design studios in the Valencian Community. And this has been thanks to their experience in analyzing market needs and the ease of adaptation of his creations to the current moment.

Paula and Nacho Cabrera have managed to create a work team that currently numbers 30 people, dedicated to architecture and interior design projects.

That project that Pepe Cabrera and Ana Gil started in 1971 with a first decoration studio in Denia, turns 50 years into an expansion movement of a brand that has never lost its essence and has known how to adapt to the new needs of the market.



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