Two Mediterranean-style reforms

The Costa Blanca in general and the towns of Dénia, Jávea and Moraira in particular have positioned themselves as one of the places in Europe where the best architecture is being developed a few years ago. A type of architecture that does not respond to a single style as can happen in other destinations, but combines the forefront and innovation with traditional projects.

Although there are new construction works that are carried out from scratch, comprehensive reforms and deep rehabilitation have been increasing in recent years. The reason is that many of the best plots are already occupied, so the new owners often opt for comprehensive reforms on homes that are already built.

Throughout the year 2019 the Pepe Cabrera Architecture studio has completed two comprehensive reforms of two homes that respond to one of the typologies we have mentioned: they were constructions built in their day, one with more seniority than the other, but that enjoy a Special location for different reasons.

Villa in Moraira at the Costa Blanca. Architecture and Interior Design project

In both cases it has been decided to maintain the Mediterranean character of the two villas; Of course, providing them with all the equipment and functionalities of the most modern homes. In addition, with the new interior design it has been possible to update the furniture and provide spaces and rooms with a great personality.



The first of the houses, Ca Andrago, is located in a fantastic location on the Moraira coast. Even so, from the house the sea views were very limited. The owners proposed to the studio the challenge of getting to see the Mediterranean from every room; and it has been achieved. In addition, in order to maintain the Mediterranean character of the house, materials from this area have been recovered, such as rough stone, which were previously hidden or without much presence.

Swimming pool and sea views from the villa at the Costa Blanca. Mediterranean Sea

Interior design project and project management in a villa, Meditarranean style

The intervention of the Pepe Cabrera study has sought to create a harmonious and contemporary style that takes full advantage of the intense sunlight we have on the Costa Blanca practically all year. We show you the result of this project in the following video.



The second of the projects is Ca Lluis. It is different from the previous one in the sense that it is not a house located on the coast, but on this occasion, it is an agricultural type villa located between orange groves. However, the challenge was very similar because the owners wanted to achieve a timeless design that gave a great character to the construction.

surrounding of this villa situated in the Comunidad Valenciana.

In Ca Lluís, the Pepe Cabrera studio has applied an architecture - and also the interior design - with the aim of bringing the past and the environment into contact, in the hands of a contemporary design. Feel again how it was every day in a rural villa of the first half of the twentieth century with all the comforts we enjoy today.

Old outdoor furniture mixed with new contemporary furniture

As in the case of Ca Andrago, we invite you to learn more about Ca Lluis watching this video.


They are two examples of projects that are born from constructions that have their own history. Facing this story from a contemporary point of view is a way to update them without stealing that special character. That is, for us, the spirit that a comprehensive reform project must contain.

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