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Architecture & Home specialist


Architecture & Home specialist

Since 1939 the surname Cabrera has been associated with constant renewal and represents a group of professionals who, through their two divisions, Alauna Arquitectos and Pepe Cabrera, not only share a space, but work together. Pepe Cabrera is the consequence of a team of professionals dedicated primarily to architectural projects with their own style that develops its activity in its headquarters located in Denia which, in its more than 3,000 m2, integrates: an architecture studio, a showroom, furniture exhibition and art gallery.

Nothing can explain our vision of architecture better than the definition that Le Corbusier introduced in his work Vers une Architecture (1923):
"Architecture goes beyond utilitarian needs. Architecture is a plastic thing. Its meaning and its task is not only to reflect the construction and absorb a function, if by function one understands that of pure and simple utility, that of comfort and practical elegance. Architecture is art in its highest sense, it is mathematical order, it is pure theory, complete harmony thanks to the exact proportion of all parts: that is the function of architecture."

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Our projects, all of them different, enhance the passion and "nonconformity" of a hardworking, honest and close team whose goal is to orchestrate a unique architectural experience with the unique seal of Pepe Cabrera.

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