Definition of warehouse

  • a large building where raw materials or manufactured goods may be stored prior to their distribution for sale.
  • a large wholesale or retail store:a discount warehouse

Pronunciation: /also ˈwɛːhaʊz/ [with object]
  • 1store (goods) in a warehouse:the pallets were warehoused the following day
  • place (imported goods) in a bonded warehouse pending the payment of import duty.
  • 2North American informal place (a prisoner or a psychiatric patient) in a large, impersonal institution in which their problems are not satisfactorily addressed:our objective is not to warehouse prisoners but to help inmates build new lives

Definition of storage
[mass noun]
  • the action or method of storing something for future use:the chair can be folded flat for easy storage[as modifier]:the room lacked storage space
  • the retention of retrievable data on a computer or other electronic system:data storage[as modifier]:a storage capacity of two megabytes
  • space available for storing something, in particular allocated space in a warehouse:Cooper had put much of the furniture into storage
  • the cost of storing something in a warehouse.
Almacén - Pepe Cabrera
Almacén - Pepe Cabrera
Almacén - Pepe Cabrera