8 podcasts about architecture that are heard

We like to read and talk about architecture. And now we have the opportunity to listen to exciting interviews and debates about this world.
26 Sep 2019

Podcasts have become a fundamental communication tool today. In this way, the audio has managed to sneak through the cracks of the image dictatorship. And the world of architecture is no exception. Also in this sector we are lucky to have several podcasts with which to learn. Some of them are presented below:

Scalae Arquitectura (spanish)

Periodic and sound documents related to the world of architecture by Scalae, one of the best known documentary agencies in the architectural sector.

On site podcast (spanish)

It is one of the podcasts about architecture that have more content. Throughout the 63 recordings carried out by Enrique Alario himself, a technical architect specializing in the study and repair of building pathologies, with diverse topics addressed with guests.


Design observer (english)

Design, architecture and innovation go hand in hand in this podcast that is actually like a magazine, but that can be heard.


Radio Arquitectura – La Hora Arquine (spanish)

A Mexican podcast on architecture in which this discipline is approached from different points of view, not only that of architects. Interior designers, urban planners, designers ...


99invisible (english)

Poscast dedicated not only to architecture but to creativity in general; with episodes dedicated to the history of architecture and international monuments and others focused on innovation and avant-garde.


Punto de fuga (spanish)

Projects, leading architects, new construction systems, rehabilitation, sustainability, interior design and much more is what you will find in this podcast by Nuria Heras.


Design and Architecture (english)

He has been recognized by Architectural Digest as one of the top podcasts in the sector. He specializes in talking about architecture and design "from the perspective of Los Angeles."


La morsa era yo (spanish)

A choral podcast in which several professionals participate, who aim to bring the architecture in an informative way to all who are interested.


We are not going to ask you which one you liked the most because there are so many interesting podcast hours that it is impossible to listen to them all. For our part we have proposed a selection to start with this practice that is now so fashionable, that they tell us things and be able to hear them when we feel like it; and if it's about architecture, then better than better.

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