Vibia, light games that inspire dreams (I)

Eclipses or shadows that configure unique interior spaces, created by a fabulous imagination in the form of luminaries
31 Jul 2019

Dreams are not born from nothing. Dreams are us in unconsciousness. That makes them impossible; in a longing truncated by the awakening. However, there are brands that fight to bring to reality what we imagine in our subconscious. Vibia is the architectural lighting firm that has created a universe that transits between dreamlike forms and designs from nature, the virtual, the unreal. An inspiration developed throughout several collections and that we apply in the projects of Pepe Cabrera Arquitectura.

Natural inspiration

The natural world is a focus of ideas, images, suggestions ... that Vibia transforms into luminaries for interior spaces in which light connects with people. Warmth in materials and feelings of wellbeing from natural environments.





From the virtual to the real

As something unexpected, architectural spaces take on another dimension thanks to a light that has emerged from the invisible. It becomes real to be seen the light that was only imagined.



The magic of the shadows

The shadow is an alter ego of light. They complement each other; They challenge. Shadows create truly amazing imaginations. Each shadow can be different from all the others. Vibia manages to make possible unique creations thanks to a range of luminaires to which more imaginative.

- Own universes

As if we played on the wall with hand shadows, we can choose how we want to distribute the luminaires to create unique reflections.



- Generate illusions

Intentional strokes converted into extensions of the product itself, illusions about the relationship between the material and the intangibility of the shadow.



- Create volumes

The volume of light distributed by a luminaire is an artistic element if it can be molded in this suggestive



- Games with the imagination

To imagine is to play; To play is to imagine. A combination of light and leftover sets generates three-dimensional effects that gain more effect on the vertical plane.



- Permanent eclipse

The unique light that is generated in an eclipse is produced in the interior space. An effect that turns light into a work of art that replaces a painting.

Puk Wall Art


- Hanging lights

A collection of hanging lamps capable of generating very diverse shadows, which create a beautiful harmony.



This is only part of the Vibia universe. In future posts we will talk about other collections that are equally surprising. Of those in this post, which one inspires you the most?

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