Coves and architecture in Dénia, Jávea, Moraira and Altea to get lost

In addition to having one of the most impressive landscapes, they are also places with very interesting villas and chalets
09 Jul 2019


The Costa Blanca is a privileged area of the Mediterranean thanks to its landscape and its mild climate. The landscape has favored many looking here for a place to live or have a second residence. While the weather ensures that you can enjoy a home year-round since the average temperature allows, for example, to take a bath practically from May to October.

The beautiful coves stand out from the landscape. Dénia, Jávea, Moraira or Altea have on their coast small beaches that fall in love with those who are looking for something different from large areas of sand. In addition, if you like architecture, in the areas near these coves you will discover villas of traditional or modern construction very interesting.

Without further delay we will start the tour.

Les Rotes, in Dénia

Trampoli 1


And we do it in Les Rotes de Dénia. The coastline of this population is sandy beaches or small gravel. But it changes in the southern part, the one near Cabo de San Antonio. In this section we find secret coves. El Trampolí, El Gosset or Les Arenetes are some of them. And in architecture, Les Rotes is a place that combines villas built at the end of the 19th and 20th centuries of Victorian influence with impressive modern villas.

El Portitxol and La Granadella, in Jávea

Portitxol 1

Granadella 2

exterior 2

We continue on our route and stop at Jávea. We look at two of the best known coves in this town. First, that of Portitxol. Located in front of the island of the same name, it is a small cove that, in addition to its own landscape charm, engages in the charm of its old fishermen's houses. They are humble white buildings with blue doors; pure Mediterranean. In this area the architecture is divided between traditional-inspired villas (use of tosca, nayas ...) and luxury villas, such as the Concretus House, which has had the participation of Pepe Cabrera Architecture Studio. And secondly we arrive at La Granadella. A cove that looks like Greece, some say. A lovely place to visit yes or yes every summer. In the first section of the road that leads to the cove, we find the same type of architecture as in Portitxol.

El Portet, in Moraira

El Portet 2


It is the largest beach we are going to see and one of the most special. El Portet is a shelter sheltered by the Cap d'Or. A small beach or a large sandy cove, with crystalline bottoms, that invite you to dive under the sea. In this area you will also be able to enjoy different types of villas, from the traditional ones built throughout the Costa Blanca between the 70s and 90s to the most avant-garde. Villa Encina is one of these homes.

El Mascarat, in Altea

Mascarat 1

Mascarat 2

altea hills

We finished our way in Altea. We do not really reach the town center but we stop next to the Morro de Toix, passing Calpe. We went down to the sea looking for Cala Mascarat. At the top of the Sierra de Bernia is the great urbanization Altea Hills. A place dotted with impressive luxury villas, where our studio has also collaborated in some of them.

What do you think of the route? Surely you've heard of any of these coves and have even enjoyed a bath in them. They are very special, as well as villas built in their surroundings.

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