5 designer pools to welcome summer

The pools are an essential element in the villas of the Costa Blanca thanks to the good climate that we enjoy in this area. We present 5 beautiful examples
05 Jun 2019

Good weather is synonymous with swimming pool. In the area of the Costa Blanca any self-respecting villa has a pool to enjoy the good weather that we have luckily here for many months of the year. Practically from the month of May to October it is possible to take a bath outdoors. There are as many types of pools as there are houses. On this occasion we wanted to review five -more an interior- that are in villas whose interior design or architecture has been made by our studio.

Ca Lluís, swimming pool with beach area

Pepe Cabrera_Vivienda en Xeresa-3

Pepe Cabrera_Vivienda en Xeresa-57

Pepe Cabrera_Vivienda en Xeresa-66

In this masia of the XX century, whose architecture and interior design we have commissioned in the studio while the construction is of Vives Pons, we have opted for a traditional skimmer filtration pool. As a special feature it has what is called a beach area or for children. A space of very low height that is also used to place sunbeds and enjoy being in them with water flush. It also highlights the gresite in marbled green and the beautiful sandstone of the coronation.

Concretus House, infinity with espectacular views

Concretus House Jávea Portichol

Villa en El Portichol de Jávea

Concretus House

This house is located in one of the best places in the Mediterranean, El Portitxol de Jávea. It has wonderful views, a detail that has been taken into account for the choice of the design of the pool. It is an infinity model pool on all four sides -precisely to highlight the spectacular view-, three of them mirror type and one in cascade. The coating is white to accentuate the conjugation with the blue of the sea and the sky. In this case, the architecture is Singular Studio, the construction of Luxury Villas and the interior design of Pepe Cabrera.

Villa Ángela, lace in a rustic context

Casa Angelea

Casa Angelea 1

This particular villa is also an example that a house does not need many square meters to have character. To frame the pool in the context of a rustic house like this one, a continuous cladding pool with micro cement was chosen. The installation of a special skimmer with a narrow mouth allows to raise the water level to the maximum and offer a sensation of full nature. The design of this house is the work of Pwani Arquitectura and the interior design of our studio.

Bioclimatic housing, two pools to enjoy all year

vivienda-bioclimatica-denia-alaunarquitectos (6)

vivienda-bioclimatica-denia-alaunarquitectos (7)

vivienda-bioclimatica-denia-alaunarquitectos (26)

This house located in the foothills of the Montgó de Dénia, whose architecture is Pepe Cabrera, has a swimming pool which has also opted for the infinity model, as it also enjoys beautiful views of the bay and the marine horizon. It is infinity by two of the four sides. In addition to this pool, there is another in the interior of minimalist type with beautiful details such as the wall that is submerged in the water, the LEDs that illuminate it and the embedded waterfall.

Mirma House, overflowing by the sea

Vivienda en Les Deveses_R-216

Vivienda en Les Deveses-6

Vivienda en Les Deveses-9

Although this villa is located on the seafront in Las Marinas de Dénia, it does not lack a nice pool. It is overflowing on all four sides, three mirror and one waterfall. In addition, it has a spa attached to the side that also serves as a children's pool. In this project Pepe Cabrera has collaborated with Carles Faus Arquitectes, Inmovidal and Yulia Radayeva.

As you have seen, the design of a pool is closely linked not only to the architecture of the house but also to the environment in which it is located. The ones we have discussed are five examples of swimming pools quite different from each other. Which one do you like best?

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