The fiberglass chair that revolutionized the furniture of homes and offices

This creation of the Eames couple changed furniture forever because of the material used and its fabulous versions
06 Apr 2019

The creation of a piece of furniture involves a long process that goes from the first sketches to its possible production in series to market it. In between you have to choose the materials, another key moment for its viability. The Eames marriage was so extraordinary precisely because of the combination of its ability to create and the revolution in the choice of the materials of its productions.

Fiberglass bocetos

In 1948 the Eames won the second prize in a design furniture competition at low cost. His proposal was a chair designed according to the shape of the human body and with very novel bases. However, they needed to find a material that would facilitate the mass production of the chairs.

Fiberglass produccion

This is how the Eames came up with something that until then had only been used in the military field, specifically in the cabins of airplanes: fiberglass. After many tests they found that it was indeed a very suitable material for the objective they were looking for, which was none other than the serial and economic production of their chair model. It also guaranteed the necessary comfort and moldability. The discovery of the material that took its name from the chair was so important: the Fiberglass Chair.


Once the seat material was chosen, the creativity of the Eames was focused on devising really surprising bases. With welded steel cable they created the "Eiffel Tower" version. And they also worked on a wooden base with metal braces. Bases for two models that have become iconic: the Fiberglass with armrests and without them.


With the seat and the bases decided, it was time to look for colors. It was also revolutionary because until then fiberglass had always been colorless. The Eames began to work with colors. First the black and then the parchment to finish in a fantastic range with green sea foam, light ocher, red, navy blue ...

Fiberglass en el showroom de Pepe Cabrera

Two years later, in 1950, the Fiberglass was ready to be commercialized. It meant the introduction into the offices and houses of a piece of furniture that has already been left forever. This multifunctional chair, which has a housing that can be combined with different bases depending on the use that you want to give, became tremendously popular from the start. Since then, the possible combinations have not stopped growing.


Currently, Vitra manufactures it in six of the original colors proposed by the Eames couple. Which one do you like the most?

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