Castiglioni, 100 years less is more

This Italian designer is an icon of the creation of objects that imagined from everyday life have become timeless pieces
24 Mar 2019

The necessary design for the use of the object, neither more nor less, without pomps, without historicisms. Achille Castiglioni raised his work with this premise, which has become a global reference and which is still valid precisely because the author created them with the idea that they adapt to day to day at any time and any time.

Arc Lamp


This is how the mythical Arco Lamp is conceived, converted into an icon of luminaire design that, however, is difficult to place in time thanks to its timelessness. Designed as a ceiling lamp that actually rests on a beautiful marble foot, this steel luminaire that you can also see in our showroom has elevated Castiglioni to the category of myth. However, now that he has just finished the centenary of his birth (1918, Milan), we will remember other designs that seem memorable to us.

Snoopy lamp

lampara snoopyjpg

Another luminaire for which Castiglioni is remembered is the Snoopy Lamp. He created it in 1967 and since then it is a small object of worship, for its mixture of functionalism and symbolism in the memory of a historical character in the world of comics. As in the Castiglioni, the base is also made of marble; Surprise your screen and, indeed, many see a bicycle saddle in its form. The edited Flos.

Vella stool

asiento vella

A design in which it seems that Castiglioni was also inspired by everyday life was the Vella Stool. Created from the seat of a tractor, this minimalist chair has been the first of all those that have come following the same wake.

Allunagio stool


Three years before the arrival of man on the Moon, the prodigious mind of Achille Castiglioni devised a mythical stool, baptized Allunaggio and that reminds us precisely to the way in which a spaceship lands. In the photo we see Achille himself sitting on the stool. It is edited by Zanotta.

Rompi-Tratta switch


His creative ability, along with his brother Pier Giacomo in many of the works, led him to go beyond the object itself. In this way, Castiglioni imagined a switch - the Rompi-Tratta - for lamps revolutionary for its simplicity and simplicity.

Luminator lamp


Less is always more like a premise, taken to the extreme, until being able to create a lamp simply with a base and a light bulb and that, at the same time, becomes an object of design that falls in love. This was the Luminator Lamp, edited by Flos.

In addition to his own designs, Castiglioni must also be the mentor of one of the great Spanish architects and designers, Patricia Urquiola. The designer directed her thesis when she was a professor at the Polytechnic of Turin and the Polytechnic of Architecture and Industrial Design of Milan.

With the company essential in the early years of his brother Pier Giacomo and alone afterwards, Achille Castiglioni is a designer of those who are still present a hundred years after his birth. His designs are endowed with a fascinating timelessness. What is your favorite of those we have seen?


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