The radio of the Eames sounds again

Vitra and the Eames Office release a limited edition of a unique and unprecedented radio that designed marriage in the 1940s
11 Jan 2019

The couple Charles and Ray Eames were, among other things, the forerunners of a type of molding with plywood back in the 40s. Thanks to the development of this method to work this material they managed to create various products of daily use, such as for example radio boxes.

cajas de radio

By 1952 the Eames had already managed to sell nearly 200,000 boxes of radios to different manufacturers of the time. They thus became the main designers of this format of the moment.

Despite their resounding success, a halo of incomprehension pursued them. They could not place their favorite model on the market, the one they liked the most: an elegant table radio with a molded plywood box whose sober appearance and small size were unusual for those times. This design, created in 1946, was rejected manufacturer after manufacturer. The reason? The producers were satisfied with standard-size conventional appliances that knew, already in advance, that they would have an easy outlet in the market. On the other hand, that of the Eames stood out from the norms of normality of the 40 '.

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Even so, Charles and Ray did not lose hope even if the manufacturers did not accept their preferred model. They proposed to spread the prototype through the magazine Interiors. They wanted to make this radio box, smaller and more modern, accepted by the potential audience of this type of magazine. The play did not go well and in the 50's Eames radios were no longer available in the market.

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More than half a century later, Vitra -of which Pepe Cabrera is the exclusive distributor- and the Eames Office have recovered the design of this small radio, which will be launched on the market under the name of "Eames Radio". The dream of the Eames will be fulfilled, of course, for now in a limited edition of 999 units. The British manufacturer Revo will be in charge of equipping the elegant walnut box with the most advanced technology.

Are you sure it has happened to you like us and you have already visualized the Eames Office in your living room or study, right?

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