Circles and Kandinski, the inspiration in this garden of the Marina Alta

In this project we have chosen the circular forms to integrate the new landscaped space with the housing and the landscape that surrounds it
02 Jan 2019

Pepe Cabrera_Jardín en Denia-11

Create an order in the disorder of nature. This was the challenge that we proposed together with the owners to design this garden in a villa in the Marina Alta. The villa had to be connected to the surrounding orange and almond groves as well as a tennis court. But we wanted to do it with an element that softens the impact. And we choose the circle.

Pepe Cabrera_Jardín en Denia-4
The circle is a very pure geometry. We find it in nature, in cells, in many forms of life. The circle is kind, connects, reduces rigidity, facilitates union, makes space more flexible. In this case, the circle has been the key that has allowed us to unite the garden with the house and with nature at the same time.

Pepe Cabrera_Jardín en Denia-16
Likewise, we use another element of the agricultural landscape of the Marina Alta, such as dry stone margins to give importance to the trees we have planted in the garden, almost all of them native species. The objective was to create a continuity of the flora found in the nearby mountain and to make the garden practically autonomous and self-sufficient.


Pepe Cabrera_Jardín en Denia-8

Another of the peculiarities of this garden has been the use of different colors inspired by the earth tones and the own one of the house added with the target to achieve a chromatic balance.

Pepe Cabrera_Jardín en Denia-12

In our process of inspiration of the game of colors and circles, Kandinsky, the precursor genius of abstraction in painting, has been present at all times.


In this video you can see more images of the garden. We hope you like!


Jardín en La Marina Alta by Pepe Cabrera Studio from Pepe Cabrera Studio on Vimeo.

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