Our list of modern designs for eternity

If you were to ask us about a ranking of the most important pieces of contemporary design, we would choose these six
14 Dec 2018

The end of the year arrives and it is traditional to make a list with the back view or the forward look. In Pepe Cabrera Studio we like to question everything and, for that reason, we have compiled a ranking of the five pieces of modern furniture that are eternal, that should be present in any list worth their salt.


The Arch of Castiglioni



This lamp was imagined in the late 60's by Achille Castiglioni, an architect and designer from Milan considered as one of the fathers of Italian design. In 1962 he edited it - and has been doing it since then - the Flos firm. With its steel structure and a Carrara marble base, Arco has become an icon.


The Maralunga of Magistretti


Cassina Maralunga from Quasar Corporate on Vimeo.

A decade later, another Italian designer, Vico Magistretti, created one of the most memorable pieces of twentieth-century (and current) design: the Maralunga sofa, which Cassina has been editing since. Its comfort and elegance allow it to be placed as the center of attention of any space.

The Long Chair of Eames

Long Chair_1

Long Chair_2

If we move in the land of eternity, she could not miss. Its name is linked to contemporary design: they are the same concept. The Long Chair, designed by the Eames couple and edited by Vitra, is an absolutely timeless piece since its creation in 1956. This sofa was the answer to this question: "Why do not we make an updated version of the old English club chair?" And from it came a spacious and proportioned armchair that combines comfort with the use of materials and workmanship of exceptional quality.


The Chaise Longue of Le Corbusier

Tumbona_Le Corbussier_1

Tumbona_Le Corbussier_2

The "oldest" design of this whole list. It was created by the prestigious architect Le Corbusier with Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand in 1928 - almost a century ago! - although it became known after 1965, when Cassina began to edit it. Starting from the idea that form and function should be at the service of relaxation, the LC4 creates a perfect balance between its geometric purity and its ergonomics. The stability of the structure - with any angle of inclination - is guaranteed by the friction between the rubber tubes that cover the transversal bar of the base.


The Egg of Jacobsen



It was created by the Danish artist Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for a hotel in Copenhagen and from then on it became one of the iconic seats of modern design. The privacy provided by its enveloping form continues to fascinate so many years later. The Egg armchair is exclusively edited by Fritz Hansen.


The Barcelona of Van der Rohe



I could not miss a list of eternal pieces like this Barcelona Chair. Design by the architects Mies Van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, this chair was presented in society precisely in Barcelona -there is its name- on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1929. Its harmonious and elegant proportions made it an icon from the first moment. Knoll is the firm that takes care of its edition.


What did you think about the list? Would you include any other piece in this ranking for eternity?

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