Constructions on the Costa Blanca that are scary on Halloween and all year round

Maritime facades that forever changed the aesthetics of a city; apartment towers that have nothing to do with the aesthetics of the area; Halloween reminds us of terrifying constructions.
29 Oct 2018

What are the most terrifying constructions we can find on the Costa Blanca? It's a question we've asked ourselves now for Halloween. Surely the answer is subjective and it is up to each one to choose those buildings that cause him dread. Go ahead that this small list responds only to our opinion. Let's go there:

The Parador of Jávea



The development of the 60s has left us this jewel for posterity in one of the most beautiful places of the Costa Blanca, the Arenal Beach of Jávea. Who came up with the idea? The then Minister of Information and Tourism, Manuel Fraga, who had a manifest enmity with another minister who had built a villa there. To annoy him he decided to build the Parador right next door and on a Roman site. True story.

The other towers of Moraira


Who does not like Moraira? It is one of the most beloved towns in this corner of the Mediterranean with its old watchtower as an emblem. Thanks to following an urban model of isolated houses, he has managed to maintain an aesthetic. Except for two buildings that stand out on the horizon. Next to the road that goes from the town center to the Playa del Portet, there are two apartment towers that, fortunately, are the only ones in the town.


The Altea Maritime Façade



For beautiful towns on the Costa Blanca, Altea. Its historical center of town houses and white houses, with the blue top of the dome of the church, is a beautiful image. Especially if viewed from the sea. That if we are able to avoid looking at what we have closer. Because in the years of developmentalism, permission was given to demolish some of those houses and build apartment farms a few meters from the water and next to the N-332. The result is a series of buildings that have nothing to do with it.


An american urbanization in Gata

Gata Residencial


In American movies we are used to seeing scenes in those neighborhoods where all the houses are the same, with their small plot and just enough space to park a car. In Gata de Gorgos an urbanization has been built that follows -in part- this model. That is precisely why it is decontextualized from the place where it is located. With the Montgó in the background it seems to be a photographic montage. But it is real.


The Explanada Cervantes of Dénia

Explanada desde el mar

Dénia owes its port to be a town with so much history, with so much tradition, with so much gastronomic richness. What is the current Esplanade Cervantes was for many centuries a place of berthing of ships, transfer of merchandise, murmur of fishermen with the old fish market as nerve center ... Aesthetically it was how the Baix la Mar neighborhood is currently preserved. the great wall of estates was erected that changed forever the maritime façade of the city.


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