En At ATICCOOK we work to offer a unique daily menu, in which all reservations are coordinated to start at the same time whith the tasting menu. The booking schedules are accommodated to facilitate room and kitchen service for your best attention. Punctuality is essential. In case of not arriving at the established time, Aticcook reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

As we offer an only daily menu the possibility of making a reservation, wheter for lunch or dinner, will depend on the first requested reservation for each particular day.

Can be tables put together in case that the reservation is for a group?
No, they can not. As all our tables are round this doses not allow us to join them.

I´m Vegetarian. Do you have a menu for me?

 No, we do not have an exclusive vegetarian menu.

If I am allergic, celiac or intolerant, are there alternatives?
 At the time of making the reservation you must communicat your requests. We will try to attend to them within our possibilities and adapt the menu to your needs.

Are children allowed?
Yes, they are, but it is not advisable, as they have to participate in the menu itself, we do not have any other choice for them. Aticcook is a gastronomic space inside a design shop that does not meet the appropriate requirements or the space suitable for children. The Tasting Menu takes more than 2 hours, a time that can sometimes exceed the stamina of the little ones. 


Reservations booked less than 48 hours in advance must be made by phone.

Price of the menu: 50€ Drink not included

Email: [email protected]

Mobile phone: +34 678 304 387

Staff rest days: Sunday and Monday
drink not included
drink not included
drink not included