Una Panton 13+2

Ana Elena Pena
18 jul. 2013

I like to turn everyday objects into something sacred.  I like to grant them a magic feeling removing all prosaic character from them.  When they brought me the panton chair home i really didn't know what to do with it ... I sat down on it in all possible postures, I touched it all around, I placed it sideways, upside done, and i even decided to place a chushion that sounds like a fart everytime you sit on it.  Too escatologic ... so i got rid of it, but I admit I still like the idea being so transgressive, kitsch but ... I better not.

When I saw my knees fit underneath and this was a super-confortable posture for praying, leaning my arms where people place their ass, I new I would make it reclinable.
People not only kneel down to pray.  Aside from the spicy thought you all have right now, kneeling down is an act of submission, surrender before the enemy...

There are no saints within the box, nor virgins to pray to, only one mirror where one can see his own reflection and a sign that says:  SAVE YOURSELF

Now, we shall all kneel down, put our souls in peace, and remember:

FUCK (only if you are over 16, don’t be in a hurry, kids!)
Ana Elena Pena & Equipo Pepe Cabrera
lateral Una panton 13+2 Ana Elena Pena & Pepe Cabrera
Frontal Una panton 13+2 Ana Elena Pena & Pepe Cabrera
aproximación Una panton 13+2 Ana Elena Pena & Pepe Cabrera
detalle Una panton 13+2 Ana Elena Pena & Pepe Cabrera
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