Our cuisine seeks to convey a personal hallmark; to know each product’s qualities and capitalise on their potential, combining tradition, techniques and innovation without any cultural barriers, and create a fun and surprising experience.

At ATICCOOK we work hand in hand with Bulthaup kitchens and are in tune with their concept and philosophy. Thus we have created a unique space and our own restaurant concept, where eating, cooking and living spaces are all integrated into one in a natural way. 

Thanks to the resources and infrastructure that we have, and ensuring the quality of our service, we offer a one-off tasting menu which changes each season.

Tasting menu

  • Crispy banana, foie gras, quince and coconut.

  • Mushrooms, nuts and carbonara "Oreo" Ice Cream

  • Rice croquette

  • Almond servilleta cheese (goat’s milk fresh cheese with almonds) with Chaplain (fish) cooked on flame, grilled onion, tomato marmalade and tender almond.
  • Mackerel in pickled citrus with cauliflower and coconut cream and its contrasts.
  • Caramelized sweetbreads with artichocke hummus and their chips.
  • Migas with red mullet in hot citrus oil
  • Lamb Cannelloni with chestnuts, mushrooms and pumpkin.
_MG_0633_4_5_bombon cerrado
  • Pumpkin coulant with ginger ice cream and curry cookie